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So, taking a seat at my computer desk in order to start creating my first blog with a mind buzzing with ideas on topics and opinions until I see those daunting words in front of me “create the first post on your blog”.  My mind goes blank.

As a writer, it is a common thing to be confronted by a block at the most frustrating of times and it can take many forms.  I remember writing a short story for children based around the magic wishing powers held within fragments of balloons but then suddenly realised halfway through that I had nowhere to go.  I sat, lost, staring at the cold white screen in front of me when suddenly I heard an argument through the wall of my family’s terraced house.  In this argument, I overheard my neighbour say “I wish someone else was your mother”.

That little sentence didn’t help me complete that short story but it did lead me to start another project – a series of short stories.  That sentence became the title of the first in the collection.  Maybe my best work has come from the not knowing how to continue with a piece I was already writing.  Hence my first, very brief blog is on the subject of not knowing what to write.

Incidentally, that short children’s story still isn’t completed.